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2 reviews for Garden Table

  1. Todd

    Wonderful table. Did lots of research and this quality Garden Table is top of line. Finishes beautifully and new growth bald cypress is I understand a sustainable wood. We live in Florida so a natural wood for us as cypress is a natural southern species. Couple of recommendations to folks at Hershey Way if I may:

    1) have the folks using the impact Nail screw gun back off some as several of the screws were set far too deeply and caused wood to crack. On a couple I needed to remove and fill with wood putty, sand and then start finishing process.

    2) Come on folks do a You Tube Hersheyway 4 minute video on best way to unpack and suggestions for finishing based in the environment garden table exposure to the elements.

    3) Finally, a drawer option would be so easy either small drawer on top or under table shelf to hide the tools which get a little nasty over time.

    So a great table, quality hardware, well-designed and engineered and nice folks at HW easy to speak with and eager to please. A person actually picked up the phone! God Bless the USA!

  2. Todd

    Final thought, wheels for the table legs would be great! I am going to fabricate some to fit. The table could easily double as a drink center at parties with the great large sturdy bin for ice. The top shelf for glasses. Would be a cool discussion piece and good for marketing Hersheyway!

    • webmaster

      Thanks so much for your input! We love to hear feedback from our customers and we greatly appreciate your suggestions for improving our product!

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